Please find below a selection of past client testimonials:

  • “Just talking about it has helped in many ways.”
  • “Deborah exhibits warmth, honesty, integrity, a wise smart therapist.  Highly recommended.”
  • “I usually struggle to speak to anyone but I found I could talk to you, thank you.”
  • “You gave me the best Christmas I could ever have, I now feel confident in my own ability to make decisions for myself.”
  • “I didn’t know what to expect, I’d never seen a counsellor before, you put me at ease straight away.”
  • “I was really nervous about therapy, I was scared it would all come out too quickly…thank you for your patience and commitment it really helped.”
  • “Within two sessions our relationship has already changed and is happier.”
  • “Thanks so much, the counselling has changed my life!  I’ve been eating normally for a month now.”
  • “This has changed my view of life, it’s wonderful and like you said the ripple effect has spread throughout my family.”
  • “After only a few sessions my whole thinking around my health issues shifted quickly from a negative to a more positive outlook.”
  • “As I began to change, he did too, we started to rediscover what we ‘used’ to have.”
  • “To anyone else my childhood looked perfect, I hid it all so well, but it tumbled out into my relationships which brought me to counselling.  Everything changed from that initial session.” 
  • “Thank you Deborah, you helped me through a difficult period of my life.”
  • “Friendly and most importantly good at her job.”
  • “I’d been stressed all my life never knowing why, never seeing the connection between my past and how I grew up to be such an angry person.”
  • “I’m finding I’m more honest with my partner than I have been in years.”
  • “I don’t think I would have had the bravery or the sense to fix things had it not been for the thought processes that had been helped by our work!…clearing my head of all the other rubbish has, like we predicted, left room for other things.”
  • “I felt that I was understood and made to feel worthwhile. Thank you.”
  • “After losing my son I thought I would die too.  Somehow I am still here and can see things more clearly now.  Thank you for helping me to find a path through all my pain and sorrow.”
  • “Thank you for helping me sort out my head and return to some normality!”
  • “Deborah has this intuitive ability to help you get to the heart of whatever it is you’re seeking help with.”
  • “A rare blend of positive energy, intellect and warmth.”
  • “Thank you for reminding us to live life right now, for ourselves and not to please anyone else.”
  • “Our relationship is now very positive.  The couple counselling sessions really helped us to communicate better.”
Client Feedback – A personal note of thanks

Over the years I have received many letters, cards and words of appreciation from clients who feel they have benefited from the work they have completed during their therapy.  I would like to thank my clients and share with them that it’s been a privilege to work with so many courageous, inspirational people and a pleasure to have been part of the process that helped them live richer, fuller lives.

Counselling Therapy Hastings

  “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

Martin Luther King Jr

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